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The Outside Inn

The Inn Outside RPG
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There are cracks between universes. Sometimes people slip through these cracks. Sometimes, love and passion pull people through the cracks. When you end up Outside, that's when you find the Inn.

Outside Inn is a pan-fandom RPG based on the concept that there is a reality outside reality. Anything you conceive is possible, anyone can meet anyone else, and you can get anywhere, if you dream. All you need is a character, any character, from any fandom. As long as he, she, or it has one mention, they're welcome.

1. Check the cast list to make certain your character isn't taken or reserved.

2. Create a LJ for the character, making sure to include a disclaimer (see bohemian_mark for an example), the fandom of the character, and any distinguishing abilities or visual clues.

3. Read the rules, the concept, the guide to dealing with canon puncture and the FAQ. If you have questions, please ask them!

4. Please send an e-mail with your name, your character's name, live journal and fandom, and a short (somewhere between 200-500) word profile of your character to outside.inn.mods [at] gmail [dot] com. What we're looking for is an understanding that you know your character's personality, world, and history.

5. Log in as your character and join the community.

6. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

1. Write a description of your character's room in the Inn, and link it in your userinfo, along with your room number.

2. Go to this post and claim a room number.

3. Check out the description of the Inn here.

4. Post in the Inn and have fun!

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